Before You Get Started...

You need to install either Opera (VXML) or the Speech Browser Plugin (JavaScript) to access speech applications.

Make sure you follow the correct install guide, as you will not be able to access VXML applications with the JavaScript plugin and vice versa.

Opera (VXML) Installer instructions

Download an archive of the Opera browser which contains a bundled version of the VXML plugin here.

Follow the installation instructions included in the archive.

Note: You can skip step 1 of the installation instructions contained as the archive you downloaded contains all necessary setup files.

Android (JavaScript) Install Instructions

You can also access JavaScript compatible applications on Android. You must have android version 2.3 for this.

First, enable 'Unknown Sources' in the 'Settings' > 'Application' menu.

To install the app, simply click on the download link here: SpeechBrowser.apk

When the download is finished, simply click on the file (either in your system tray, or in your downloads folder) and your phone will prompt you to install the app.

Browser Plugin (JavaScript) Installer instructions

Download the windows installer for the JavaScript plugin here

Execute the MSI file to install the plugin.

The installer should prompt you for administrator priviledges, this Microsoft pop up can take a while depending on your machine, so please be patient.

Once the install has been completed you can access JavaScript compatible speech apps from, FireFox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (However, text to speech synthesis is currently unsupported in IE, it is recomended you use FireFox or Chrome to ensure the applications are experienced properlly).

To use a speechweb application plug a microphone into your computer, visit the speech application's web page, and hit the 'Insert' key on your keyboard to begin speaking (release the key a second or so after you are done speaking).

Most applications have a help menu, so simply say the word 'help' to get more information about an application.

Note: The JavaScript plugin is maintained by the speech web team and is still a work in progress. Check back periodically for updates to the plugin.